Photo of Essex PR consultant and photographer Kofo BaptistABOUT YOU

You may have just started out in business or maybe you’ve been around for a while, either way you know what makes your business special.

You started your business to fulfil a need that only you can meet. Yes, there are many businesses doing similar things but they’re not you. They don’t have your energy, your enthusiasm, your dedication or your story.

Your business is a labour of love. Heck, you’ve put in long days and nights to build it. You’re passionate about what you do. But you’re not getting the results you dreamed of.

If you’re stuck in a PR and digital marketing rut, I can help. Telling business stories that move people is my speciality.

As a trained journalist, experienced PR consultant and award winning photographer, I dig beneath the surface to identify your unique story. Often times, your most valuable story is the story you’re not telling. I help you share your untold story through jargon-free copywriting, creative photography and PR activities.


I'm an Essex-based PR consultant providing digital marketing, public relations and photography services to small businesses across Essex and London.

I help businesses identify their unique story and use a variety of PR and digital marketing tools to get their messages heard such as local newspapers, magazine articles, social media and photography.

I have worked on both sides of the fence as a journalist and a PR consultant. I have worked in-house in various PR roles, trained as a journalist on an NCTJ journalism course and I was editor of Shareit! magazine, delivered to 20,000 people.  

So I know what journalists want, what makes a good story and how to develop great PR plans and write compelling press releases.

I am also a social media manager, helping businesses manage their social media presence and I customize Wordpress websites.

I have been a photographer for five years. I run my business from my kitchen table at home in Brentwood, Essex. You will also find me at my local coffee shop, usually with my laptop and camera.